I suppose today is as good a day as any for the first post here.  This blog, actually created many months ago, lay in wait for the perfect moment to start it’s journey.  And so today, here it is.

The two eldest are currently playing in the sunroom, the eldest of the eldest instructing the youngest of the eldest and attempting to get her to do whatever he chooses (perhaps school play, hard to tell).  He likes to be in control because he likes to be able to predict what will be next… such is often the way with Aspergerian types like him.  She is very Gumby like in her tolerance of him… usually.  Now for instance. Other times there is screaming, tattling and general exasperation.  I much prefer the current status of things, of course.

The baby, well, he’s asleep, splayed out in the co-sleeper next to our bed, his soft lips pressing into suckling motions every couple minutes, a reflex or attempt to self-soothe, I’ll never know.  He is a gift.  They all are.  But this baby, there is something about him.  Something placid, something peaceful, something uniquely unlike the other two.  Perhaps it was his entrance into the world, a riveting event culminated by an ultimately rapid exit into a tub of water in my dining room.  Or perhaps it’s me; 10 years of parenting smoothing the ragged edges of my anxieties.

It is the day to celebrate the mother.  The card store holiday that I roll my eyes at, but the eldest are excited about, so I enjoy it for them, because of them.  The man of the house is making a brunch treat for this mama; pesto roasted potatoes with Daiya cheese and a titch of chicken for some extra protein (this nursing mama needs all she can get).

Cards were doled out to me this morning. The EOE’s card is a creation from school, coupons created on the computer, his favorite piece of machinery in the world.  Whether I’ll ever be able to cash them in is another matter, but the sentiment fills my heart.  The YOE’s card was purchased yesterday, with my money, picked out for the picture on the front of a sweet baby.  Little did she know the text of the card was perfect; something about ‘remember what a stinker I can be’ and on the inside, ‘ but remember how cute I was as a baby’.  Yes sweet girl, I remember how cute you were then and now and for all your stinkerness, I love you the same.  Inside the card was the change from the $5 of mine she used to buy the card (this after a debate in the car yesterday about exactly whose money it was… she was certain she would be able to add it to her stash and put her that much closer to a toy she is wanting to buy.  The debate was comical, to say the least, and perfectly light hearted, and in the end she decided what to do with those dollars).

Only 10:30 am and the love is already flowing, the day is off to a peaceful start and the sun is shining.  I couldn’t ask for a more perfect morning, fake holiday or not.

This one here… he’s a drooler.


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