So really, I haven’t had a great week in the parenting trenches, but like I said in my last post, I have MUCH to be grateful for.

Last week I found myself at Superhero Journal ogling her gorgeous website.  A lot of bloggers have contests and give-aways; lately it seems with requirements of doing 14 cartwheels, buying their book, following them on Twitter and Facebook (more entries if you’ve always followed them on ‘respective social media site’, blah blah blah), etc, etc.  Now, sweet Andrea just had a regular “you’re fabulous readers of my blog so here’s a chance to win this totally amazing camera bag” give-away with the ever simple requirement of leaving a comment.  Love it.

Now, I never *win* anything.  Okay, once a long time ago I won a set of letterpress cards on a blog.  But that was ages ago.  But this bag.  It was perfect.  Perhaps even made just for me.  I had to tempt the fates and throw my hat in the ring!  I’d already been chosen for Meagan‘s writing scholarship, certainly I wasn’t going to win this.  But a girl can dream.

For a little perspective, and perhaps why I was so jazzed about this bag… this has been the home of my beloved Nikon for the last couple years.  Or stuffed in the diaper bag.


Poor neglected Nikon. While the bag is felted therefore a bit padded, it’s barely enough to keep it from getting scratched.  It might be slightly safer in the diaper bag surrounded by squishy cloth diapers.  Slightly.

And yesterday while I was sitting at my mom’s, I heard the little ping on my phone telling me I got an e-mail.  Since nothing much else was going on, I checked it, and would you believe it?!? It was an e-mail from Andrea telling me I’d won this bag!

Shut up. I couldn’t, and still can’t, believe it.  I probably won’t believe it until I’m making little squealing noises while nestling my beloved camera into one of it’s squishy, soft compartments.

Also, my laptop will fit in there.  What?!?!  I really do think the folks at Epiphanie made this bag

Thank you Epiphanie and thank you Andrea!


3 thoughts on “awesomeness

  1. Sweet! I adore the color combination. I rarely win anything on blog giveaways. I think it’s because I refuse to do the “cartwheels:)”

    Hugs and Mocha,

    • Me either, maybe that’s why I never when anything (I think I just had an epiphany – ha!). The color combo is nice, not something I’d normally pick, but we can all use a splash of sassy color in our lives. Can’t wait to feel it up and stuff it full of stuff!

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