on the move

This baby is moving way too fast for this mama!  I was totally caught off guard 3 months ago when he started dragging himself from one end of the house to the other.  Even more caught off guard 2 months ago when began pulling himself to standing.  He’s a really strong baby, as far as babies go.  He’s got these gigantic hands that we refer to as his ‘paws’.  The first thing I noticed when his slippery body was placed in my arms was that he looked exactly like his dad.  The second thing I noticed was his giant hands.  Really.

This week, he’s discovered not only the laundry room, but the kitchen cabinets.  More specifically, how to open the cabinets.  He is no longer content to just pull himself up on the outsides of them and gnaw on the little nubby IKEA pulls.  Oh no, he’s figured out there’s stuff inside them.  Must have blown his little baby mind.

It’s tempting to gate and corral him into a particular space, but really no one space in this house is completely baby proofed. All the door frames and molding have have lead paint creeping around under a couple layers of new paint and we have these ridiculous radiators everywhere that we’re already teaching him are ‘hot’ (even though I’m determined to keep the heat off as long as possible – cheep cheep).  As challenging as it is when he smashes his fingers in a drawer or when the door he’s holding on to moves on its hinges and he goes down, it’s fascinating to watch him so intently exploring all of the parts of our home at his level.  Whatever he sees first with his eyes almost immediately goes into his mouth.  Shelves get cleared and then chewed on and all the while I wonder what he must be thinking. I can almost hear the synapses crackling as they fire.

The other day The Man was gone and we had some time while dinner was cooking.  He wanted to be in kitchen.  As usual, my to do list scrolled through my head.  Instead of convincing myself I needed to do something else, I found a few wooden spoons, tossed them in the cupboard with the mixing bowls, and sat down on the floor with my camera.  I strategically placed myself in front of the finger smashing Lazy Susan, annoying him greatly, and just watched him.

I’m not good at being still.  There is always something I think I could/should be doing. Something.  But that afternoon, that something was letting go of everything else and being with him, completely and totally with him. Bliss.


2 thoughts on “on the move

    • he can often be found crawling around the house with something in his mouth – like a dog with a bone. goes with his ‘paws’ I guess 🙂

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