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My post yesterday has me thinking of motion, and more importantly, stillness.  Life is inherently in motion.  To live is to move and to change constantly to some degree. Whether at the microscopic cellular level or on the grandest, most all encompassing whole life changing level.  We are always, regardless of our awareness of it, changing and moving.

Important are the times when amid the motion, we get quiet, slow, still, and allow ourselves to reflect on our own motion and that of the things moving around us.  For me, it helps me ground a bit, see where I’m fitting into the bigger picture.  When I can allow (or more accurately, force) myself to slow down and be still, it gives me a chance to see what is working and an opportunity to fine tune what is not.

I’ve been reminded over the last few months that I feel most balanced when I have some structure to my life.  When I have some predictability, some traditions to shape my time and actions around, I feel more centered and better able to handle all of the unpredictable things that life tosses in my direction.

Tomorrow I’m going to start a new tradition here at VelveteenMama called Still Life Sunday.

Every Sunday I’ll post a picture, a snippet of our lives.  I can’t stop life from plodding along, but I can stop time for a split second by catching it on film.  I’m going to limit my text up to 20 words or words in a Haiku format (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables).  The words in the post may or may not be directly connected to the picture.

This will be the antithesis of the actual definition of “still life” because instead of staging the picture with inanimate objects, these pictures will be a split second of living breathing animation made still by the camera.

Will you join me?


4 thoughts on “something new

  1. I love this idea, think I will have to join you on this one.
    We always need a bit of time to reflect in our lives. If we don’t reflect, we cannot learn from our mistakes, or spend time in gratitude for the things that have gone well. In a society that is constant noise, we could always use a call to be still.

  2. So glad to have you along! I just went to your blog and had a chuckle about your graphics – I’m sipping a cup of earl grey as I read. I had a natural birth in January, in my dining room, best of luck to you mama!

    • Yay! I tried (and failed) to come up with a Haiku for this weeks, but I thought it would be a nice challenge to meet every once in a while 🙂

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