I kind of knew

Not to say I set myself up for failure, but I think all in all the idea of NaBloPoMo was a little too ambitious for this gal right here.  There’s a fine line between knowing your limitations and not taking any risks for fear of failure.  Fine line.

I’ve succeeded in the past at a month of posting every day, but it usually involved some degree of scheduling posts and my life was just, well, it was very different even just a couple years ago.  This past couple weeks have been a doozie in the life department; The Man prepping for another (but much shorter) trip away, a (thankfully brief) bout with depression/anxiety, an ornery 10 year old who said to me one too many times “are you stupid?” and a very mobile 9 month old who never wants to stop and is on a potty strike.  Solid foods + potty strike = me reconsidering the merits of cloth diapering.

So I forgot to post for NaBloPoMo because I was busy trying to get out of my own way and manage all of these balls life was throwing at me – like a pitching machine gone haywire. I’d like to go back and back post, not to try to cheat or pretend I did it, but to try to get myself back on the horse, try to finish what I started.  30 posts in 30 days is still 30 posts in 30 days.

Let’s see what today holds, shall we?


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