I don’t want to dwell

The Penn State scandal is still ever present in everyone’s minds – or if it’s not, it should be – and I said my piece yesterday.  I did want to share one blog post that I came across because it really resonated with me.  I speaks to the “this should be obvious” part of my brain that has been so confused by the actions/inaction of the people in the situation.  This writer says it perfectly.

Omelas State University


2 thoughts on “I don’t want to dwell

  1. The only thing this blogger left out was how about someone get that child medical treatment? These very young boys were being raped by a grown man. They must have been torn, bleeding and in such excruciating physical pain. I wonder if the media is talking about this part of the horror?

    • Unfortunately, that’s part of our reality because we know what physically happens to kids who are assaulted in this way from our work – lay people probably don’t know, or can’t let themselves even go there mentally. It also begs the question – what about the parents, didn’t they notice anything physically (if not emotionally)? That is, if these boys even had parents. It seems likely (from what is coming out in the media) that many of these boys were from disadvantaged families and/or were already in the system (so were already victims of abuse/neglect). The whole thing is just horribly sickening. There are rumors that the boys were also being pimped out to rich donors of the non-profit organization that the perp was involved with (which gave him access to these boys in the first place).

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