winds of change?

I’ve pretty much gone through my life having rarely won much of anything.  Maybe once in my childhood at old people church bingo?  I buy the errant scratch ticket or lotto, maybe a 50/50 at a football game or something, but the most I’ve ever won is $2.  Oh wait, I won $180 once when I went to Bingo with my memere and uncle while I was in college.  At the time that was a good haul.  But ask me if I’ve won at Bingo in the dozen or so times I’ve been since and the answer is no (so if you’ve ever been to Bingo and do the math you know I’m in the red in the Bingo department).

Well, round about last Christmas, I procured a stack of scratch tickets in our family’s annual Yankee Swap.  One of the tickets vetted me $60 (I think all total it was $67 with all the tickets).  Knock me over with a feather, for real. I don’t consider myself a ‘lucky’ person.

A few months ago, on a whim, I entered a contest on Superhero Journal for a fabulous epiphanie! camera bag.  Never, ever, in a million years did I think I would win.  But I did.

Then in the same week I was awarded a scholarship for a really important writing class I wanted to take with Meagan Francis; a scholarship I was sure I would not get.

But then I actually stopped myself from entering another blog giveaway a couple weeks after that because I was afraid I would win and didn’t want to be seen as ‘greedy’. I didn’t want to ‘push my luck’, heh.

Well,  a couple weeks ago, figuring enough time had passed and sure that my luck had run out anyway, I entered a contest at mini-eco (oh the clever, oh the cute!) for a gift certificate to this fancy online bead store called Bead Crafty.  I was pretty much thinking ‘how awesome would it be to get some cool beads’ but then also ‘there’s no way in hell’. In fact, I was so sure I wasn’t going to win, that I totally forgot about it until Kate from mini-eco e-mailed me to tell me I’d won.  Shut the front door!

Now I get to go shopping!  I love love love this:

And Hopper would totally dig these (the girl loves to draw her some rainbows, anytime, anywhere):

Decisions, decisions!  I hope this means my ‘luck’ is changing.  The man and my mom have both been doing some work on manifestation.  I’m not sure I’m there yet, but I’m starting to really like this lucky streak I’ve got going.  The struggle is to accept and believe that I deserve these lovely things entering my life in the way they are.  Oh the hills we must climb.


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