I have done it.  I feel like I won the (health food junk food) lottery.  Behold…

chocolate chip  macadamia nut cookies in all their gluten, dairy, corn, egg and peanut free splendor.

And a view under the hood…

Yes, they taste exactly as good as they look. I made them for a small dinner party we’re having tonight and it has taken me a great deal of will power to keep myself from gobbling them all up.

This is the recipe I mentioned the other day. I made the following further changes which have been obviously successful (see above).

  • used palm shortening instead of the coconut spread – I am very very pleased this worked
  • used a total of 1.5 tsp of ground chia seed and 4 Tbsp (a quarter cup) of water in place of the egg
  • cut the molasses in half and used the full tsp of vanilla – perfect flavor
  • used the Tierra Farm chocolate chips which are responsible for that level of gooey, ooey, corn free chocolaty goodness you see trying to escape from that cookie (Note: these are found in the bulk section of my local HFS – I usually do not ever get things in the bulk section because of cross contamination concerns, but the items around it were benign enough and I haven’t reacted to them so FOR US, I’m considering them safe. If you choose this path, proceed with caution)
  • after increasing the flour mix by 2 ounces, I’ve cut it back by an ounce, yet I haven’t decided if this was a good decision or not – the last batch seemed a titch dry, but the batter for this batch seemed a little wet when I was rolling them into balls so I’m not sure, more experimenting I guess (insert sarcastically sad face)

I have honestly been trying for a long time to make the perfect (mostly) allergen free cookies.  Figuring out how to get the texture without the egg was critical – I succeeded in making a lot of flat, spread out, greasy, but great tasting, cookies.  Horray for chia (which I much prefer over flax as an egg replacer, for the record).

Now I have to go make pizza dough and tidy up the house.  Have a happy weekend!  If you need me, I’ll be the one in the sugar coma.


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