a bit of bliss

I’m in this incredibly interesting and unfamiliar head space today.  I survived, no thrived, through BlissDom.  I want to write all about it. I want to share my story of my BlissDom so that you might be moved to go yourself next year, so that you might find some of the things I found while I was there.

I feel wide open, but not in a scared vulnerable way (well maybe just a tiny bit).  I was so nervous going into this that I finally had to just make a pact with myself to be open.  I accepted that whatever I was drawn to and whatever was drawn to me would be the exact right things.  And it worked.

My therapist and I had a conversation in the session before I left for Nashville and I was talking about what I allow and what I don’t allow. She corrected me and said “what you choose” because everything is a choice.  I bristled because choice is such an active thing and allowing is so much more passive.  But she’s right.

I chose to be open.  I chose to be real.  I chose not to do anything out of a feeling of obligation, but instead to just do what felt right. I chose to accept love, compliments, caring – all things that are hard for me to be open to.  I chose to let them become part of me and part of my experience at BlissDom.

I made the right choice.


4 thoughts on “a bit of bliss

  1. That’s a good place to be in! I think it was in Jeff Goins writing session (or maybe Jon Acuff – it’s all running together for me now) that choosing not to make a choice is still a choice. 🙂 That is so me. I’m a “let things happen” kind of person and then I’ll take action or react. I’m learning so much about myself since Blissdom.


    • I think I sat with you at the Ananda Leeke session, or maybe it was another – they’re all running together for me, too! Ananda’s session really shook me deeply as well (I read your post). It’s funny, I want to shout from the rooftops that everyone should go to BlissDom, but what I got out of it was so personal that it will never mean the same things to anyone else (and it will never mean to me what it did to others, like you). Growth is so unique, and scary!

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