On the needles: Waves

My first foray into cables has been a bit dodgy.  I offered to knit something for a local mama who I’m bartering with and she said “gloves?” and I said “god no”. So she said “scarf?” and I said “okay!”.  And then I saw this pattern and thought “beautiful”, then I started knitting it and thought “oh my god what was I thinking?”

It’s not that hard, I’m just complaining.  It involves a lot more thinking than I’m used to in the scarf department (meaning: any).  The cables and the counting and the front and the back.  The design is lovely and the designer is local to me so I think that’s really what decided it.  Even though there is a little too much thinking for my usual laziness, I’m sticking with it because it’s always good to try something once.  Like gloves.

As much as I enjoy working with wool, I decided on an acrylic yarn for this for a couple reasons:

1. I’ve gotten over my natural fiber snobbery – while I love a good creamy homespun, no everyone wants to deal with the upkeep of wool.
2. She has babies so, washability (see #1).
3. The colors were in alignment with her request and are rather lovely (I couldn’t find any wool that hit the mark and wasn’t a zillion dollars a skein).
4. It’s nice and fat and chunky which falls right in with my lazy knitter ideals.


I’m one skein in and I think I’m finally getting a bit of a rhythm down.  Only 2 (or 3, or 4?) more to go!



One thought on “On the needles: Waves

  1. I miss knitting so much. So much. I have barely knitted since babies. Plus, it seemed a little silly when living in a warm state. Now it is almost winter here and I want to knit! But um, time with free hands is almost nil. So I am enjoying living vicariously through your post! ❤

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