Witch in the Kitchen

The Man is off with the boy to get the studded snow tires put on our car because Maine and because Winter.  I have a little list of things that need doing today, several of them set to occur our teeny tiny kitchen.

It’s one of those days I feel like a Kitchen Witch, manifesting, concoting, creating. I revel in the moments when I can do this without the demands of a three year old (or his father), the house is quiet, and no one is underfoot.


~ Brewing elderberry syrup in my cauldron (aka sauce pan) – a big batch today, some for us, some for family, some for friends – infused with love and healing.

~ Tending to my microbiotic garden of water kefir and kombucha, their light tickling bubbles seem to have been been magicked into the sweet tart liquid.


~ Banana chocolate chip muffins for Mack, upon emphatic request.

~ Next up, the miraculous wonder that is gluten free, egg/dairy free homemade bread.

The bread might get made, it might not.  Other things might get done, they might not.  I’m just going to float through this day (on my broom) and see where it takes us.  I love Saturdays like this.


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