A lifetime ago I wrote a daily gratitude list. And then life happened, then motherhood, then postpartum anxiety and depression, and so on.

I got out of practice of finding gratitude because I spent a lot of time in dark places where I couldn’t find a lot of things to be grateful for. When you run around looking and looking for grace and joy only to come up empty handed, it’s exhausting.

So, eventually I stopped looking.

For the last 18 months, on and off, I’ve been in EMDR therapy (mostly on). It’s been life changing. It has lifted a fog I’d been under for a very, very long time and things are lighter than they’ve ever been. (Don’t worry, I’m still human, I’ve still got my dark and twisties.)

So this November, when everyone is shouting out their gratitude on social media, I’m not rolling my eyes. I’m not a joiner, usually, but this year, I’m in.

Here are today’s… I am grateful for…

1. My middle including my youngest even when, especially when, she had a friend over.

2. A perfectly manageable day at work.

3. Season 2

Do you have a gratitude practice? Do you choke on the words ‘gratitude practice’, too? What do you do to recognize the grace in small things?


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