Compassion as our compass 

One of the most frustrating parts of this whole election aftermath is people dismissing the pain, the hurt, and the fear being felt in our country. 

I wrote this on Facebook after two interactions left me feeling disheartened. 

I wrote this after standing in the middle of my city with hundreds of others, holding candles and lights, holding each other, reminding each other that love and compassion will help us navigate our way in this storm. 

“So here’s the deal… no one gets to tell you that you shouldn’t feel the way you do. No one is entitled to a justification of your feelings. 
People are scared and they are hurting. We must listen to them. That’s what compassion is. It is meeting someone where they are at and holding space for them. Empathy folks, empathy. Telling people to move on, look on the bright side, find the lesson, everything happens for a reason, it’s not that bad, etc, is dismissive. It negates their personal human experience. 

I’ve had two conversations with men I have love for. Men who are questioning my experience because it’s not like their own. I’m not calling them out here, but I am using those conversations as a catalyst to express how I feel about having the validity of my experience questioned. 

I’m not angry. I’m deeply saddened. I hope that people use these opportunities not to defend their experience, but to find new levels of love and compassion for their fellow humans. 

We all have the same organs pulsing life in our bodies. We all bleed the same color. We all deserve love.”


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