I put lube in my hair

No, really. 
Eight months ago I started my Curly Girl journey. Simply put, the Curly Girl method means no shampoo, cleansing with non-silicone conditioners, and styling with products meant to keep your curls moisturized and healthy. There’s quite a bit of minutiae to it, but those are the basics. 
And there’s a lot of trial and error to find which products work well with your particular hair type. I’m in a large Facebook group where we talk about different products and methods of managing our curls. I’ve heard lots of folks rave about using water-based lubricants as a styling agent but couldn’t quite make the mental leap. 
This week in particular so many women were singing the praises and showing off their gorgeous soft curls. I finally decided I had to try it! A bag of cheetos, a selfie stick, a tube of generic lube, and an offhand comment about Tinder to the sales clerk and I was on my way. (Just kidding… maybe.). 

I’m a little giddy about the results even though I’m still working it into the routine. Some women use it as a stand alone styler, others in conjunction with gel or curling custards. I just have to figure out what works best for my hair and curl pattern, but it’s clearly worth the effort. 

What’s the craziest beauty product you’ve used?

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