I put lube in my hair

No, really. 
Eight months ago I started my Curly Girl journey. Simply put, the Curly Girl method means no shampoo, cleansing with non-silicone conditioners, and styling with products meant to keep your curls moisturized and healthy. There’s quite a bit of minutiae to it, but those are the basics. 
And there’s a lot of trial and error to find which products work well with your particular hair type. I’m in a large Facebook group where we talk about different products and methods of managing our curls. I’ve heard lots of folks rave about using water-based lubricants as a styling agent but couldn’t quite make the mental leap. 
This week in particular so many women were singing the praises and showing off their gorgeous soft curls. I finally decided I had to try it! A bag of cheetos, a selfie stick, a tube of generic lube, and an offhand comment about Tinder to the sales clerk and I was on my way. (Just kidding… maybe.). 

I’m a little giddy about the results even though I’m still working it into the routine. Some women use it as a stand alone styler, others in conjunction with gel or curling custards. I just have to figure out what works best for my hair and curl pattern, but it’s clearly worth the effort. 

What’s the craziest beauty product you’ve used?


This aquarium sits in the 3 foot wide space that is my only entry in and out of my kitchen. I try to keep things in order, ideally, because it helps my brain feel less chaotic. My impulse to make him clean it up at the end of the day is strong. But he’s so clear that his work isn’t finished. I push down my needs for order to make space for his needs for creativity because this is his work, and my ability to leave it is mine. 

Half way

I made it halfway through NaBloPoMo! I will admit, however, I’m half-assing it here and there because these just a lot of transition happening right now. And in the last 2 weeks I’ve worked 100 hours at my new job and old job, dealt with some unpleasant financial situations, been turned upside and inside out over this electing, and learned today that I like won’t get into the graduate school program I applied for. There’s an outside chance I could still get in, but it doesn’t look good. I know I need to get this degree, so onward and upward. I have other option. This ain’t over. 

Sorry for the stream of consciousness, it’s late and I’m sucked into Vikings. Like I said, half-assed. 


Oh Cotton Babies! They have a gorgeous new line that benefits Postpartum Progress, an organization so dear to me. 

It takes incredible strength to live with and survive a postpartum mood disorder. Cotton Babies knows that. And they have been an integral supporter of Postpartum Progress and the Warrior Mom Conference. 

I got to see and feel many of these items at this years Warrior Mom Conference, but they sold out quickly because they are so beautiful and touched our hearts. They just released this diaper design for pre-order and oh. my. god. does it make me wish I had a baby bum to put one on. 

Alas, no more baby bums for me, but it is time for Christmas shopping and I really really like that mug, hint hint.  

(This is not an affiliate post, no one paid me to profess my love for this line, my opinions are 100% my own).